Get to know the people behind BREW LAB.

Brewing beer at home doesn’t have to be so hard.
That’s the idea that we’ve come to stand by throughout our home brewing journey.


BREW LAB aims to be your home beer brewing partner by providing you with the necessary products, equipment, and know-how in an easy, efficient, and hassle-free manner.


BREW LAB envisions a supportive home beer brewing community that aids in actualizing the creativity of each beer brewer
(that means you).

See, BREW LAB started with four friends who wanted to brew beer at home.

But it wasn’t easy - we had to source our equipment and ingredients from several sellers. Not to mention the hours spent combing through the internet watching videos and reading articles just to learn the basics of homebrewing.

Learning the craft was definitely fun for us, but it was unnecessarily difficult.

We had to ask ourselves: How could we make the homebrewing experience easier for someone who was just starting out?

Here at BREW LAB...

We want to be your partner for your home beer brewing journey - supplying not only top-quality equipment and ingredients, but also the learning resources you need to get from zero to your first batch of home brewed beer (and beyond!).

We are here to support any home brewer by making the journey simpler, easier, and more connected.

As we watched this small homebrewing community grow, we realized that we want to be catalysts that connect.

With enough time and effort, there are no limits to the beers you can brew at home, and we hope to bring this experience to any aspiring home brewer, regardless of knowledge and experience.

BREW LAB is a place of experimentation, happy mistakes, and collaboration.
We can’t wait to have you join our community.